A wind of Change

A wind of Change. The yearning of Imo People.

Mar 6, 2023 - 12:46
Mar 6, 2023 - 13:06
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A wind of Change

There's a wind of change blowing in the polity of our people. The people are informed and has risen to take their mandate and show the world that our leaders are but messengers.

The people decides who leads them and who speaks for them, and the time is now.

Charity they said begins at home and now the people of Imo state has decided to also take their mandate and give it to a son that's well deserving of the honor to serve his or her people.

We the people of Imo state has chosen our very own son Dr. Chima .M. Amadi to represent us and speak for us.

Hear us oh son of our father!
Come to us oh son of consolation, your mothers, father's, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, wives and children have decided and we have chosen you to stand in the gap for us.

Will you hear us?
Will you listen to us?
Will you head our call and answer us speedily GBURUGBURU 1 of IMO STATE?

Written by DonEric Santos.

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